The SurePath Network is a web-based surety bond processing system that significantly reduces the cost of executing and managing surety bonds. SurePath enables clients, brokers/agents, obligees, and carriers to manage their surety bond requirements efficiently through automation of Administration, Processing, and Reporting functions.

The SurePath Administration Module allows you to:

  • Create links between you, your client (Principal), and the Surety Company
  • Share program information across accounts
  • Define your own rate groups for use across all your programs
  • Track Powers of Attorney
  • Manage Lines of Authority
  • Define and utilize multiple sites
  • Maintain a list of favorite clients for easy access
  • Receive notification of account activity on an account-by-account basis

The Bond Execution Module allows you to:

  • Easily create and edit client information
  • Support for Co-surety
  • Reconcile Lines of Authority and Referral of Exceptions to Underwriter for Approval
  • Easy search and identification of bond forms
  • Dynamic definition of processing rules
  • Calculate premiums and commission automatically or manually
  • Assign bond number, either automatically or manually
  • Print Executed Bonds (Remote Print Capabilities)
  • Client users request bonds over the Internet. Agents execute bonds without re-keying data
  • Aggregates Bonded Liability
  • Automated Continuation/Renewal/Cancellation Functions
  • Bid Results tracking
  • Digital Signatures and Digital Certificates Support

The SurePath Reporting Module includes the following easily-accessible reports:

  • Outstanding Bid Bond Reports
  • Detailed Bond Transaction Report
  • Bond Requests
  • Outstanding Bid Bonds
  • Renewal Lists
  • Recently Closed Bonds
  • Bid Bonds Past Due Date
  • Bond Number Pool Status Report
  • Riders Pending Obligee Acceptance
  • Flexible Bond List Report Writer

SurePath Integration with Agency Management System Capabilities:

Integration with Applied System’s Epic, Vertafore Sagitta and others.


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Client and Principal Portal Access: