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Did you know?

9 of the top 12 Brokers in the US use SurePath and 6 of those trust our SurePath to Epic integration.


SurePath is designed to provide policy and invoice information to the Applied Systems Epic agency management system to reduce or eliminate duplicate entry of bond / policy data for accounting and invoicing purposes.

The integration utilizes a series of web service calls using SOAP and XML protocols.

• The Epic Billing Integration call returns to Epic SurePath records for transactions processed for the requested site,

by the requested user and within the requested date range.

• The EpicLookup call returns to Epic SurePath table contents needed for data elements for which Epic requires mapping.

Applied Systems hosts the integration interface and handles errors. Failures are recorded in Applied’s integration interface.

After set up is complete SurePath users process transactions in SurePath as they normally do. Epic initiates a web service call requesting data. SurePath returns requested data to Epic for processing.

What Exports to Epic

For accounts that are configured for billing integration SurePath sends:

• All bond types excluding Bid Bonds. Note: Although SurePath has the ability to include bid bonds Epic will not process them in the current integration version.

• All transaction types except the request, bid result and manual upload transaction.

• Single and co-surety bonds

• Agency and Direct Bill bonds

• Broker Bill

Data that is exported includes:

o Invoicing data, such as payee, premium, commission, surcharge and municipal tax

o Producer information for up to three Producers

o Servicer information

o Bond data such as description and Obligee name

o The SurePath processing user

For a more detailed field list or additional information, please contact us for a demo.

Requirements / Set Up Checklist

1. Existing bonds that will be maintained through the integration must be in SurePath in the same term as they are in Epic.

2. The agency must be licensed by both Applied Systems and SuretyWave to use the SurePath Epic Billing Integration.

3. The agency may require an Epic software update to utilize the integration. Please contact Applied Systems for more information on these requirements.

4. Agencies may be required to make a simple firewall change to allow a web service call from SurePath to the Epic server.

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